Welcome to Van Velzer Press

Traditional Publishing

for established authors

(possible first time authors if the manuscript is crafted to near perfection – not easy so make sure you keep your ego in check)

Van Velzer is thrilled to put many titles under contract each year. Each title is submitted to our Advisory Board for review; and must display a tight and elegant mastery of the craft of writing (no drafts no debut books unless they are outstanding), an author with an attitude of teamwork and willingness to polish their manuscript, an author with a full marketing plan and a substantial fan base to back that plan up.

Van Velzer puts a substantial amount of time and money into every manuscript accepted under this category. The competition is very high for this type of partnership.

If your manuscript is offered a Contract it will include:

Hybrid Publishing and a la Cart Services

for first time authors (Hybrid)
for authors who want to self-publish (a la Cart services)

Hybrid projects are often referred to as Co-Publishing. This is a system in which new authors who do not yet have a track record can have access to professional level editing and design (without 5,000 rejections from publishers). The magic here is that although the author will pay for exact cost of services, Van Velzer Press will invest in your book as well as spearhead the distribution into national catalogs for bookstores and libraries.  There are very strict standards for co-publishing which will all be laid out in a contract in clear and transparent detail and Van Velzer Press follows the Quality Standards espoused by the Independent Publishers Association – this is very important because these standards protect authors from predatory companies that “claim” they are publishers, yet do nothing beyond produce a sub-standard physical (or audio) book. 

Every Contract under Traditional and Hybrid programs will come with the below services and more:

  • Complete Editing (developmental, line, proofing)
  • Elegant Typesetting (chapter art, layout, design, printing margins)
  •  Multiple formats – (Not Inclusive) paperback, hardback, ebook, audio, translations
  • ISBN numbers for all formats chosen for your book – under the Van Velzer  or Authors Wild Imprint
  • Distribution via Ingram – which includes libraries and bookstores – other distributors as/if they fit into the book strategy
  • Eco-friendly Print on Demand for physical copies (POD)
  • Royalties on net sales
  • Marketing Support (media kits, marketing graphics, press release and other help to launch your book
  • Author pricing to purchase copies of your book below wholesale price (allows you to sell from your own website or at events)