Our History

Van Velzer Family

Publishing runs in the family:  Great-Great Uncle F.C. Van Velzer and his father ~ and his father ~ traveling from the East Coast to the West in the 1800s start the Van Velzer story.  The Van Velzer elders’ simple travel plans turned into a decades long crusade ~~ along the way stopping in towns that had no reliable contact with the outside world and helping them start local newspapers, then moving on until stopping in another similar town.  Finally the Van Velzer family settled in Fall Brook, CA (near San Diego).  In 1902 they started a weekly paper as the family grew. 

All branches of the Van Velzer family seem to have been blessed with some kind of literary gene.  The mother of the poet ~Walt Whitman ~ was Louisa Van Velzer from Long Island.

Therefore we are proud to continue the family business in the art of literary magic.  We will concentrate on our glorious country that boasts of such a rambling, brave, innovative history.


Advisory Board

The Board, in keeping with the *stories with a twist* mantra, have approved a picture that represent them, their spirit, and/or passions in life.  

Chris Cadman

Animal Lover ~~ Tech guru, gamer, and best shoulders and hugs to get a friend through the day. Currently living the UK

Emily Avatar Pic
Emily Semaya

English lit & gender studies student, nature lover, story enthusiast, and hopeless romantic. New England native currently in Vermont!

Melinda Howes

Part of the Van Velzer Family, horse crazy, lovely soul.  Currently lives in Denver.

David Lewis

Introvert, excel genius, first of the eBook readers and Massachusetts native.

Director of Van Velzer Press: Patricia Lewis

Also a member of the Van Velzer family, brings decades of editorial experience and skills from a fortune 500 company to this labor of love which is publishing thought-provoking, quality stories and giving a real shot to get their books in readers’ hands for new and talented authors.

Contact Trish for any business/office needs.  All manuscript submissions must go through the submission page. Any sent to the director will be deleted.

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