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Do you know the difference between developmental edits, copy edits, line edits and proofreading?   Well you don’t have to ~~ we will match you with one of our experts and you can sit back and relax.   Know that editing, while seeped in hardcore skills, is still subjective. Therefore it is imperative that the author and editor are able to work as a team with excellent communication.  Use our contact page to start the conversation.

Editing will come as part of your contract if you have a publishing contract with us. 

If you wish to engage an editor for your personal project, will will offer you a fixed fee based on word count and will not hit you with any hidden fees as the process goes forward.  You will get two rounds of editing, if you need more then we need to discuss the extra time any more rounds will take.  I’ve heard people gasp at the price, yet in professional circles we are on the very affordable end. In circles where people “claim” they are an editor … well – you get what you pay for … and usually it is just surface touches that indulge the author’s ego and not quality edits that product a book that can hold its own on the shelves on bookstores.  What the below comes out to is $12/hour – oh my!  did you read that right?  So be reasonable if you want a good job and be fair with all the people in every aspect of your life … we are all essential workers.

Up to 5,000 words – $300

Up to $15,000           $700

Up to 75,000           $900

Over 75,000             $1,700