Rod Collins

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Rod Collins was born in Charlotte, Michigan. He worked for the Michigan Department of Transportation for thirty years and was fortunate to live and travel all over the Great Lakes State. Rod is a graduate of Lawerence Technological University in Southfield, Michigan. He is a Licensed Professional Engineer and is licensed in both Michigan and Arizona. 

Rod has been writing for over thirty years but mostly for technical books and trade magazines. He started his novella writing in 2018. His first book, “Next of Kin” won a blue ribbon at the 2019 Pinal County Fair. He continues writing for the enjoyment of finding out what his characters are doing next and to keep his readers satisfied.

Rod is retired and lives with his wife in Arizona. 

Series Opener Winner of State Fair Blue Ribbon

Detective Jim Harrick of the Michigan State Police is assigned to a gruesome murder case. It seems simple enough at first but the deeper he digs Harrick finds more murders with the same similarities. Follow Harrick around Michigan as he picks up the pieces of a ghastly puzzle. Fueled by Olive Cheeseburgers and Vernors Ginger Ale, he assembles a depiction of a much bigger depraved criminality. Can Detective Harrick, with the help of his tech savvy step daughter Amy, catch the killer?

#2 in Detective Harrick Series

Someone is stealing cars…and not just any cars! They are stealing expensive antique cars from around the country. Stolen from members of the exclusive “Geezer Car Club” who are friends of Michigan State Police Detective Jim Harrick. But Harrick is assigned to homicide division, not car theft. He can offer his expertise to help track the thieves but tragically, a murder soon makes it a homicide case as well.Meanwhile, his criminology trained stepdaughter Amy has her own challenges when a friend asks for help solving a crime. Will she be able to use her deductive skills and the techniques she’s learned from Herrick to determine who really committed the crime?Together, and on their own, they end up “Chasing Cars.”

#3 in Detective Harrick Series

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Rod is hunched over his keyboard working hard to meet his deadlines.   

Be Careful What You Wish For – It just might come True.Come along and meet our Newest Genie in this charming journey through sunsets and colors of the world. Great book for evening reading. Original Illustrations of this new genie.