Tim Patton

Software Engineer, Roller Derby Team Owner


Tim Patten is a former professional roller derby athlete, software engineer, healthcare consultant and now an author. He has written eight books and many articles that have been published in magazines and websites.

His self-help book on disability and works on male empowerment are well known and popularly read. The latest book “MGTOW Is Forever.”


My Razzle Dazzler - A Coming Out Story

Tim Patten has experienced a life journey like no other and survived to tell the tale. With equal parts pathos, humor, and heart, My Razzle-Dazzle recounts this singular yet universal story of how a quintessential American outsider came of age along with an entire generation.
You will live his story as if it were your own, crisscrossing the country and whirling around the Roller Derby banked track. My Razzle-Dazzle is a thrilling ride of unexpected beauty and mayhem.
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“Why is this book not a movie? An exceptional and incredibly well-written book, unlike anything I have read before.” –RedHeadedBookLover
“My Razzle Dazzle is a story that never fails to shatter you and put you back together again.” –Undergroundbookreviews
“An ending that will bring tears to the reader’s eyes. My Razzle Dazzle is the story of a man who would never give up on himself or his dream. When an outsider decides to do the unexpected, he is no longer on the outside looking in.” –Just Reviews

Roller Babes honors the women of 1950s professional roller derby: indomitable athletes who inspired millions to find independence and freedom in the world of sports. Their soaring aspirations, hardwon accomplishments, and turbulent melees have all been documented in the annals of history. Come into the secret world of these early skaters. These legendary women were set apart by exceptional grit, and remembered by thousands of fans around the globe.

My Kill Play
Surviving AIDS

I was only 29 when a parasitical virus entered my bloodstream. I found myself ignoring its burrowing, knowing full well that I was headed for progressive demise. But just as death is certain for all of us, life is also the gift we all just as undoubtedly receive. This is a story of the life-or-death battle against the disease that cast a long, terrible shadow over my beloved sport, (Roller Derby). And the story of heroic skaters who transformed that battle on wheels into something memorable, magical and plainly magnificent.

Welcome to my gift of life, and my survival of HIV/AIDS.