Layout | Typesetting

The subtle environment for you story that sets the mood for your reader.

Whether it is a fancy Drop Cap at the start of each chapter, or a new font that subtly works with the genre of your story ~~ typesetting goes even further by setting the internal margins for the printing press, perhaps setting the saturation to work on recycled or cream vellum paper.  Much goes on behind the scene to make the look and feel of your book superior.

Typesetting is done after all the edits and all the proofing is finished.  This is because even adding one sentence could knock off all spacing and work previously done.

Once you are ready for typesetting, you will submit your manuscript in WORD and we will go to work to give it a final polish. The cost for layout work is $400 for an average sized book.   If you want to commission custom art work for your pages and/or chapter starts, the fee will go up accordingly. Time from to complete this step is from 3 to 5 weeks – depending on the art you provide with your manuscript or any other special requests.