Coaching | Lessons | Workshops

time management is a wonderful thing.

Polishing your skills is another wonderful thing.

If you are stuck … maybe some personalized help is just what you need.

Assistance:  one to one and/or Groups.   With over 11 years of experience behind our director, and the experience of our Advisory Board there are certain recurring challenges for authors that we are well aware of and have the tools to help you as you overcome them.  Contact us and discuss your needs: from time management, to character development, to creating realistic dialog ~~ we can come up with a plan to encourage you along.

Workshops usually run for an hour with additional time for personal Q&A at the end. Fee is only $150 plus travel expenses.

Coaching is very time intensive, very personal.  Sometimes it is what an author really needs to get past their blind spot (and writer’s block) and to get back on track.  To book an hour of coaching use our contact form and list dates and times you would prefer.  An hour session is $175.