The best story idea will never meet its readers
unless it sells

Sometimes the best idea won’t get onto the paper or screen for you.  Perhaps you don’t have enough time considering family and work balance, perhaps your masterpiece is dialog heavy in concept and you have not built up that skill yet.  There are as many reasons to hire a ghostwriter as there are reason that you can’t sit down for 3 hours every morning to write.  Use our contact form to send us an inquiry about your project, the length of time it may take and the fees for such services.

Ghostwriting will entail weeks to months of interviews, meetings and gathering of information.  Then it will entail months if not a year to write it then present you with a draft for input – and weeks to months for a final rewrite.   To engage someone to ghostwrite for you is to engage them for a year of their life.   Poverty level is around $20,000.     Will you engage someone to work for you and expect them to live a life that qualifies them for food stamps?  If so, you are a cruel employer.    SO – keep that comparison in mind.  Certainly payments on such a big project are acceptable. Everything can be worked out within the contract to engage one of our ghostwriters.