We specialize in books about Americana:  They can be true tales (fact is often stranger and more interesting than fiction), alternate history, memoirs, or surprise us.  They all have to be net positive; gritty scenes are fine – yet the overall message, theme or focus of your book must advance the spirit of humanity.


If Your manuscript falls into our category so far, you have passed the first milestone. 


Consider submitting your manuscript if your work passes the Query Rules below.

Query Rules

  • A major part of your manuscript must be set in North America (real or fictionalize).
  • All manuscripts must be professional ~~ not first drafts, not riddled with errors. (We highly suggest you procure an editor who is not a friend or family member. We do have editorial services available, we can also recommend some.)
  • Priority consideration will be given to manuscripts with a net positive for the world and/or humanity (gritty and funky is fine, that is real life, after all).
  • Priority consideration will be given to authors who express diversity in some form.
  • Follow submission guidelines exactly or your submission will be deleted with no response; we do not mean to be curt; however the volume of submissions prohibits such individualized attention to those who are not our authors.

Fill in the Query Form below. In the message area Start with a BRIEF synopsis of your book.  Then tell us your marketing plans for you book and why it will sell. No need to schmooze, just talk about why your book will be a best seller if given a chance.

If your query form shows us your book may be a match for our focus ~~ someone will contact you to start a much more detailed  in depth evaluation process.

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