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Sue Holmes

Fiction Writer

Sue Holmes was born, raised and educated in Harare, Zimbabwe, a former British colony in Southern

Sue is an international career banker, specializing in Wealth Management – a profession that has allowed her to travel the world as career opportunities beckoned.

She currently resides in the Cayman Islands.  Sue has firsthand knowledge of the many challenges that face women in their day to day lives, whether it is professional and/or personal. 


Bolder not older, five women face choices that will determine the quality of the rest of their lives. Michelle’s botched suicide attempt, rally’s the troops into having a go at reconstructing their former pillar of strength, smashing all of their weaknesses wide open. Acropolis type temples, the playground of the Gods, sets the stage for the 50th birthday celebrations and reunion of five childhood school friends.

Circumstance takes control, revealing true drama. The five friends are forced to take a hard look at the lifestyle choices that currently portray the Facebook versions of their lives. This leads them down the twisting alleys of Greece revealing hidden fears and resentments that silently govern their true selves.

Even on the brink of multiple breakdowns, hysterical humor knocks at the door and a joy of life sneaks in as they revel in the Mediterranean sunshine. Missed opportunities, betrayals and the death of dear ones … is it really never too late? The intricacy of female relationships is revealed, as broken life dreams and false impressions collide with real life reflections and outcomes.

The depth and enduring loyalty of relationships are explored in this novel where five childhood school friends re-unite to celebrate their milestones and their 50th birthdays. This is a story of reflection, judgment, realization and acceptance with a good dash of adventure and humor thrown in. It examines the individual insecurities of five women. Within this tight knit group of friends, each woman will understand and acknowledge her own need, weaknesses and the right to live a life that provides her with an overall sense of worth and purpose.

Set in the exotic and unusual Pelion Region of Greece, SHE TRIBE GOES GREEK–Sue’s début novel–is a reflective character-based story, the emphasis of which is on seemingly normal day to day life choices made by the main female characters and the long term impact these have in their later lives. These characters are believable because they deal with issues that all woman of every race, culture and nationality deal with on a daily basis.