Tassie Kalas

| Author | Mom | Realtor

Kalas loves outdoor patios, frozen margaritas, and making people laugh. In her spare time, she drives off into the sunset with her mini Goldendoodle, Romeo, to visit her three grown children (wherever they are) and her parents (who continue to make everyone eat).

Through the bittersweet journey of life, she still believes in happily ever laughter—and hopes you do, too.

Growing up Greek takes a strong constitution. Tassie Kalas knows first-hand. In her debut side-splitting book Yaya’s Big Black Purse, we get a hilarious glimpse of how a nice Greek Girl deals with the foibles of life, Including trying to fit in, pleasing over-protective parents, placating a huge extended family, while at the same time, experiencing motherhood, divorce, and empty nest and a new love.

Kalas’ struggle to break out of the norm yet embrace the culture that made her who she is touches both heart and funny bone. If you’re looking for a an uplifting, coming-of-middle-age romp that entertains and draws you in, Kalas’ book ticks all the boxes.”

Allia Zobel Nolan, Bestselling Author of Cat Confessions, Laugh Out Loud,  What I Like About You & more.


Tassie is not afraid to bare her soul, her freakishly long middle toe, or excess baggage carried around in a designer purse in this debut book inspired by her Greek life. Each chapter is a tidy, humorous story. From the 80s to the 2020s – Yaya’s Big Black Purse covers four generations of a traditional Greek family, focusing on one member’s modern-day struggles as she grows up, grows older, and finally finds her voice—at the same time she’s losing her mind. Growing up Greek-American isn’t easy, but growing older—marriage, motherhood, dog hair and divorce—is even harder.


If you’ve ever said yes to the dress (then had to fit into it), recorded your child’s graduation (with the lens cap on), or struggled to be the perfect wife, mother, and daughter in an imperfect world, you’ll want to reach into Yaya’s Big Black Purse.


Because Yaya knew you have to grow up to appreciate how you grew up. And you’re never too old to purse-sue your dreams.