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Bone Deep

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Callie’s teaching job is idyllic, relieving financial straits & burying a violent past. Yet secrets and a sociopath threaten students’ safety. Emotional scars may get in the way of finding love and avoiding a killer.

A cozy read of a novel that blends mystery, female detective work and modern situations; this story will take you from that cozy feeling of reading around a fireplace to the cold stark facts of poverty and issues only young females have to face… and then back to the fuzzy familiar world of a good romance trying to click into place.

Calinda Franklin’s new teaching job at an upstate New York private secondary school for worthy scholarship students seems idyllic, relieving her dire financial straits and burying her violent past. Yet dormant mysteries threaten the students’ safety and the future of the school. The students are their own brand of mixed joy and heartache because they all come from hard backgrounds, poor backgrounds and the mix of racial and cultural behaviors along with them needing to keep up their grades to keep their scholarships adds an undercurrent of tension to the main plot line.

Callie’s complex journey to the truth puts her in the cross-hairs of a sociopath, but even that proves less arduous than healing old emotional scars and opening herself to love.

5 reviews for Bone Deep

  1. Nancy Tumposky

    A fast moving drama, set in a remote location in upstate New York, at a socially conscious school for low-income girls. We soon get caught up in the new teacher’s dilemmas as a mysterious set of circumstances unfold and she is faced with sinister colleagues and unexplained “accidents.” Riveting, a page turner

  2. Daisy Cortez

    I really enjoyed this book. The lead characters are realistic and likable. Good drama. Great mystery. The story pulled me through to the last page. I would recommend it.

  3. Amber De Petro

    Enjoyable, cozy read, despite the sensitive issues brought up. The characters are complex and each feel like they have a story tell. I love the insert of Aunt Sophie, the caretaker of our leading lady, a light in a time of darkness. That depth of Callie’s background makes the way she deals with the difficult situations of her adulthood believable.

  4. Cathy Hare

    I enjoyed this book! The characters have diverse backgrounds and stories. The background stories are intriguing and hold your attention. I enjoyed learning about them. The story has many twists and turns and held my attention. This is a book I would re-read. I recommend to all readers.

  5. Pamela Monk (verified owner)

    Bone Deep is a compelling read- the plot moves at top speed, the characters are fully rounded- their troubles and their triumphs are completely grounded in the world of the story. Highly recommend!!

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