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Featured Book: Diary of a Celebrity Horse Trainer

R.W. Jensen

Jade Price is a famous TV Star who just landed her first role in a big movie. She just found out she has to ride a huge horse right beside the hottest movie star on the planet – and she is terrified of horses! Ella, a quiet teenager and horse whisperer, gives secret lessons to the famous actress. Meanwhile a wild horse, Flame, is also being trained by Ella and her fortunes depend on Flame learning to race. Ella is targeted by a selfish Pop Star who steals something of great value from Jade … can they get it back before the big race? Will the other rock singer let his jealousy over Ella get in the way? Will Jade’s reputation and career crash when the secret of their horse lessons leaks to the public? It all hangs in a delicate balance as the days rush closer to Flame’s first race.

Publishing New Voices

With pride we offer new authors a platform that gives them the chance to get their quality book out there to appreciative readers without the elitist, closed door fight of catching the attention of a big house publisher. A medium sized publisher like Van Velzer Press can offer its authors much more attention and assistance to ensure the best version of each book makes it to the printing presses.