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You send your book off to a publishing company with high hopes. Reality says it doesn’t even get looked at. Your book hasn’t received a fair chance to make it. If you want to say, “I got my book published” you pretty much need to be a family member or good friend of someone already in the business. We, at Van Velzer Press, want to make sure every good story has a fighting chance. We are tired of knowing that big publishing houses go for the same formula over and over – passing up great new authors and enchanting books because they are new. Surprisingly, the bigger the publishing company, the more risk adverse they are – which means the less likely you will get past the front door, the open email, the trash can. The solution is to work with a smaller publishing company that really cares about stories, not the bottom line of money pulled in to pay a bloated staffing roster. Send a Query submission to us, and we will give you personalized attention as well as a bigger piece of the royalty pie when sales start to roll in. We do not ask, and do not accept any money from our authors – we are totally legit – and if we take on your book – we become partners. Don’t let big publishing companies use you up and spit you out Stop the frustration and actually get your book published.

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